Paleo Day 4…A Few Minor Slipups

What a busy day Thursday was! Had my internship so I had to pack a whole day worth of food. Wolfed down most of it before realizing that I didn’t snap any photos. For breakfast I had the egg white scramble with veggies. Packed some bananas, oranges, dates, cranberries, raisins, and almonds. Made orange marinated pacific cod and packed a…

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First Day of Paleo

My first day of paleo went pretty well! Drank a lot of water and ate to my heart’s content. I only felt hungry when I was hungry, but because I’ve been foodblogging I’ve sure noticed how many times I get up to grab a snack. Breakfast – 6 egg white scramble Snacks throughout the day – banana, orange, dates, raisins,…

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