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I Registered For The Great Wall of China Half Marathon

I registered for the Great Wall of China half marathon! EEEEK!! There’s a few races that are actually held there, so for clarification, I am running the one that has been organized by a local company that’s hosted the race for 16 years. The website is a bit difficult to read, but you can learn more about the race here:…

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Race Recap: Rock n Roll Liverpool 2017 Remix Challenge

  After much anticipation, we touched down in Manchester for a quick afternoon, wandered the city for a bit, and then boarded a train to Liverpool the next morning. Despite the tragedy that struck just a day or so earlier, we found a lot of love and beauty in the city: The next morning, we boarded a train to Liverpool. We made…

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Race Recap: The Athens Classic Marathon

Lets do this Memento style: start with the ending and then go from the beginning. The giant marble stadium was overwhelming. As I neared it on the last of my energy reserves, I tried to pick up the pace but it was just unbearable. But, as my right foot landed on the soft track, I was somehow lifted by a…

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Setting My Sights on Athens Marathon, LA Triathlon

This week marked a number of momentous occasions for me personally. I finally had the guts to commit to a marathon…the Athens marathon, nonetheless. I’ve registered for the event and I’ve booked my flight. I will be in Greece for 10 days and in Turkey for 1. I have a 24-hour layover that will permit me to leave the airport…

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