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And the Training Months Tick By…July and mid-August Recap

Hmm. It’s been an interesting month. I don’t have a lot of time to go into too much detail about what’s been going on, but let’s recap:   -I went on a weeklong vacation to Waikiki with Erik. By day we hiked, ran, snorkeled, swam, surfed, boogey boarded, and by night we hopped skipped karaoke bars. -I acquired two gnarly…

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There's Something About a Crow Pose

Yesterday, with my fantabulous Pocket Yoga app, I decided to go for a 45 minute yoga session before work. I was continually interrupted, but aside from those external annoyances, things were going great. I finally started feeling less tense and tight from all the running and biking I’ve been doing. However, I came across a pose that the limited yogi…

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Yoga + Bike Goodies + Hotel Booked + Oh Yeah, Please Donate to my Fundraiser!

It seems like just yesterday I was crossing the half marathon finish line, and now we’re already at Thursday! I’m still relatively tense and stiff from the race and I’ve been meaning to get to the massage therapist’s office all week. I will most likely have to schedule it for the weekend. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to incorporate…

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First Day of Paleo

My first day of paleo went pretty well! Drank a lot of water and ate to my heart’s content. I only felt hungry when I was hungry, but because I’ve been foodblogging I’ve sure noticed how many times I get up to grab a snack. Breakfast – 6 egg white scramble Snacks throughout the day – banana, orange, dates, raisins,…

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