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Fitness Friday: Someone Busier Than You Is Running Right Now

Getting started with a running program can be challenging, especially for people who is strapped for time. However, something you have to realize is that everyone has a busy life, a demanding family, and lots of time commitments. However, what separates runners from non-runners is that a runner makes the time for them. Health and fitness is important to your well…

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Race Recap: 2011 Zappos Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

What a race! First of all, congratulations to everyone who finished the race. It was definitely a fun yet challenging course, based on all of the feedback I’ve sifted through online. All in all I think the race was a success — with 44,000 runners on the Vegas Strip at night, there was bound to be a number of problems.…

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Managing Cravings and Expectations

Managing cravings and expectations is a large part of your metamorphosis when overhauling your lifestyle. For the last few days, I’ve been craving and indulging in my sweet tooth. Cakes, pies, pastries…bring it! However, this morning, I woke up with my sweet tooth in full swing again, except this time, I decided that instead of empty calories, I’d load up…

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Planning For My First 70.3

I’ve recently decided to pursue a 70.3, a half Ironman. (Well, technically the Ironman is a branded event and I am not actually attending an Ironman race, but it is the same race but from a different company. Sorry, that’s my marketing background talking.) There’s going to be lots of planning involved. For me, that’s the fun part! Some things…

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Motivation Monday: Cross It Off Your Bucket List

Again and again, I’ve found a way to stay motivated in my fairly new running habit… Work at crossing off my bucket list races! There’s a very distinct formula I follow for this. I pair a race distance I haven’t yet tried with a city I’ve been meaning to visit. What I ended up with was an awesome bucket list of…

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Fitness Fridays: Down Times are Good Times (Sort Of)

Since I’ve started running, I haven’t really thought twice about taking time off. There were a few weeks where things went haywire for me personally. I took time off then because I had to, because my heart wasn’t in to my training and my brain was thinking about other things. (Apparently being mentally tired requires just as much recovery time as…

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