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I Registered For The Great Wall of China Half Marathon

I registered for the Great Wall of China half marathon! EEEEK!! There’s a few races that are actually held there, so for clarification, I am running the one that has been organized by a local company that’s hosted the race for 16 years. The website is a bit difficult to read, but you can learn more about the race here:…

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2017 Retrospective: The Year I Pushed My Boundaries

2017 was a fun, interesting, wacky, bumpy year. By the numbers (even though the year isn’t over yet)… 28 races 3 marathons 16 half marathons 1 10Ks 8 5Ks Total distance ran: 786.9 miles Of that distance, race miles: 319.2 miles Average pace: 15:01 min/mile (yup! run/walk…) 148 runs 89,543 calories burned 42,739 ft elevation climb (and I do most…

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Team Nuun 2018

Team Nuun!

I got some exciting news earlier this week…I was accepted into Team Nuun as an ambassador for 2018! I look forward to seeing what’s ahead with one of my favorite Seattle companies…second to Amazon, of course. 🙂