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Dopey Challenge Week 3 + 4: Fund-running for Best Friends Animal Society again!

Guess what? I’ve finally got my charity picked out for the Dopey Challenge! All of you who know me know that I really enjoy fund-running for my big yearly A-races. My charities over the years have varied a bit, but it took some time for me to really hone in on the one that I wanted to focus on this time.…

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Race Preparation

May 2016 Goals

Continue running 5 days a week: 2 weekday runs should be 45 minutes. All other runs should be 30 minutes. Incorporate Orangetheory into my workout routine 3 times a week. Take one complete rest day a week. Take my vitamins everyday. (This is harder than it sounds!) Drink 80oz of water each day. (At elevation I heard that I should be drinking…

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Personal Development

Reviving the blog

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten the chance to sit down to reflect about all the change and upheaval in my life over the last year. I finally feel like I’m a point where I’ve settled in to my new city, Denver. I am wrapping up my final WEEK of grad school. Work is all over the place but when isn’t…

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