Diary, Running

A Little Bit of Fiction, A Little Bit of Fact

I’m working from a skewed perspective tonight, so here’s a little piece of fiction, mixed in with a little bit of fact. I’ll leave it up to you to decipher. Will I take questions? Probably not. I’m pretty sure we’re all leading mixed lives anyways. Sometimes separating truth from fiction is harder to do. ——————– “Let’s rearrange / I wish you…

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Design, Diary

Feeling Rather Tiny Today

I woke up from one of my infamous 10-minute-dream-flash naps and per my usual routine I scrolled through my timeline to find a (somewhat) ironically poetic mini-meme started my one of my favorite music artists, @ladysov. From the way I’ve been feeling as of late, it seemed eerily appropriate. I was once that young girl that felt so tiny and miniscule that…

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