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Desert Double Down with Dress For Success

So after a bit of debate, and even a bit of opinion crowdsourcing, I’ve decided to go ahead with the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Arizona. Although not asĀ grandioseĀ as the Disney Goofy Challenge, I figure that can wait for another year (maybe next) when I’m a bit more prepared both physically and financially. It’d also be nice to get some friends…

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I'm 28 and I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life…Still

Happy Tuesday, folks! I’ve gotten a flurry of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ love for my birthday last week. Thanks again for your outpouring of love and support, especially all I’ve gone through this last year. It means the world to me. So, on to the title of my post. Pretty loaded, huh? Well, it’s the honest truth. I think people…

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Beginning Ocean Swimming Is Not As Scary As Previously Imagined

After a lot of reticence and procrastinating, I finally attended my first ever open water swimming clinic. I have pretty much been terrified of the water since I started training for the LA Triathlon and since it’s coming down to crunch time, I started doing my research about a month ago. I was unsuccessful at cajoling some of my friends…

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Accepting Change and Moving On

Happiness is really a choice. Change? Not so much. Change hits me really hard. For some reason I’m just really uncomfortable with it. Many times…rather, most of the time, change is really for the better. I’ve had quite a few things that brought along a lot of change…graduating college, moving out, ending relationships, leaving projects, ending tenures, starting/failing/re-starting grad school.…

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