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I Registered For The Great Wall of China Half Marathon

I registered for the Great Wall of China half marathon! EEEEK!! There’s a few races that are actually held there, so for clarification, I am running the one that has been organized by a local company that’s hosted the race for 16 years. The website is a bit difficult to read, but you can learn more about the race here:¬†…

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2017 Retrospective: The Year I Pushed My Boundaries

2017 was a fun, interesting, wacky, bumpy year. By the numbers (even though the year isn’t over yet)… 28 races 3 marathons 16 half marathons 1 10Ks 8 5Ks Total distance ran: 786.9 miles Of that distance, race miles: 319.2 miles Average pace: 15:01 min/mile (yup! run/walk…) 148 runs 89,543 calories burned 42,739 ft elevation climb (and I do most…

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Race Recap: Rock n Roll Philadelphia Remix Challenge 2017

When I first started running Rock n Roll races, I remember seeing the Hall of Fame status set at 10 races. I remember wondering to myself how someone could have the stamina and the means to accomplish 10 half marathons, let alone find the time to travel to different races around the country or the world within one calendar year.…

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