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Race Recap: 2013 Rock 'n Roll Seattle Half Marathon

Ahhhhh. There’s nothing feeling like you’ve finally arrived in a new city than running a road race there. Make that three. I’ve completed the Athleta Iron Girl 10K last year, along with the Sporty Divas half marathon in Tacoma, but the Rock n Roll races always hold a fond place in my heart. This race was different. My strategy was…

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Triathlon Training

Week 17 + 18 Ironman Louisville Training: Surgery + Post-Op Recovery

This post will be relatively short since I spent week 17 in massive amounts of pain and eventually surgery. I spent week 18 recovering from my surgery, considering my racing/training options, hopped up on pain medications, handling personal family issues, and mentally prepping for a half-marathon since I couldn’t actually physically train. So, even though I didn’t really train, I…

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