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Would you be interested in joining my virtual training team?

Hey ladies and gents! I just posted a new vlog after a year-long hiatus. (Warning: it’s pretty much the same thing I’m blogging here.) So after reading about a friend who just joined Team in Training for Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge next January, I clicked through to another blog from a charity runner who was conducting a similar…

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See Ya, 2011!

One last post before I hit the road… Hope you are all having (or will have later tonight) a wonderful New Years! This year I accomplished a lot. Starting with a small, short personal challenge to run for 21 days, it has blossomed into a newfound passion that has bled into every aspect of my life. My friends, family, and…

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Motivation Monday: Getting Excited About What's Next

Change is pretty hard to face. I spent the weekend pouring over my personal training books. A lot of it was technical and scientific, and the material is admittedly more difficult than I had anticipated. However, the single thing that kept me motivated was the light at the end of the tunnel. The prospect of being able to help other…

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Fitness Friday: Someone Busier Than You Is Running Right Now

Getting started with a running program can be challenging, especially for people who is strapped for time. However, something you have to realize is that everyone¬†has a busy life, a demanding family, and lots of time commitments. However, what separates runners from non-runners is that a runner makes the time for them. Health and fitness is important to your well…

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