Race Preparation

May 2016 Goals

Continue running 5 days a week: 2 weekday runs should be 45 minutes. All other runs should be 30 minutes. Incorporate Orangetheory into my workout routine 3 times a week. Take one complete rest day a week. Take my vitamins everyday. (This is harder than it sounds!) Drink 80oz of water each day. (At elevation I heard that I should be drinking…

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Slowly warming up

A month or so ago, I downloaded an audiobook on kaizen, the idea of continuous improvement through small incremental steps. I listened to it on the car ride back to the airport from my parents’ house, and have listened to it here and there during my commute to work. One of the key takeaways from kaizen is that in order…

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Race Recap: 2016 Star Wars Kessel Run Challenge

On the heels of a really great product launch I decided to treat myself to the Star Wars Light Side half marathon race entry, only to then be persuaded by the Mr. to sign up for the Dark Side half marathon race a few months later. This was my first Disney coast-to-coast challenge, which was something I never thought I’d…

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