Feeling Rather Tiny Today

I woke up from one of my infamous 10-minute-dream-flash naps and per my usual routine I scrolled through my timeline to find a (somewhat) ironically poetic mini-meme started my one of my favorite music artists, @ladysov.

From the way I’ve been feeling as of late, it seemed¬†eerily¬†appropriate. I was once that young girl that felt so tiny and miniscule that I too befriended a pixel. Fast forward thirteen years later and that’s how I make my living. Go figure. Anyways, it resonated with me so much that I decided to comp up a small poster that completely embodied the way I felt after reading the tweet. ENJOY.

She Was So Tiny She Befriended A Pixel

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When Your Company Is Bigger Than Life And You Can Still Acknowledge Your Fans…That's a Good Sign

You know what it shows me when someone uber-successful actually responds to an @mention?

It shows me that they don’t believe that their accomplishments are bigger than themselves.

I totally respect that. Techie startup LOVE! <3

I’d like to think that one day (when I reach a fraction of success that our contemporary tech entrepreneurs have achieved) I’ll never forget to look back on the supporters that made all of my achievements possible.

Twitter co-founder, Author of "140 Characters"