Sleepy in Seattle

The recent emotional upheaval in my life has rekindled my drive towards artistic ambidexterity. Although I like to think of myself as a talented designer and creative marketer, there’s something to be said about pursuing something for the sheer love and thrill of it…not worrying about branding it, hanging it up in a gallery, or hoping that someone else loves it as much as I do. Enter love #2, love #3, and love #4 of my life: photography, illustration, and dance…all of which I resolve to do much more of in the upcoming year. Although I haven’t necessarily been repressed or restricted from practicing them, I have definitely been a little more preoccupied with work and love these past few years.

Today I’ve had a little bit of fun in downtown Seattle with my Android app RetroCamera. I’m hoping to catch the sunrise tomorrow morning in town before my plane heads out.