A New Semester, A Fresh Start: Resolutions for a New Term

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It’s finally here. My fresh start. My new beginning. It’s kind of like a reincarnation for the academic.

Last semester was very rough on the psyche. Not only did I have to withdraw from a class pretty late in the game, I’m quite skeptical of how well I did in my other Advertising Strategy class. In between breakups, moving apartments, and an infinite spin cycle of clientele and project combustion, I think I finally have my collective s*%t together!

For me, the first day of class is always spent inputting the syllabus into my calendar and stressing myself out for no good reason. Now that the task is done, I can move on to more productive things….like reading, discussions, brainstorming papers, etc.

Going to grad school online is very challenging. The program at Golden Gate is great, but I can’t depend on the invisible support of the group psyche online as much as I can when I have to attend classes in person. I often times miss the human interaction I used to take for granted as an undergrad…insomuch that I actually hop on a plane and attend an on-campus event in San Francisco. It makes me feel MUCH more connected to the campus that way.

I’ve spent the better part of one semester trying to convince people at the library and the career center to simulcast events and seminars. It’d be great if I could introduce something like VOKLE to them. (I didn’t know of the technology when I was in talks with them earlier…and now that I think of it, it would also be great for my interactive marketing class!) It’s kind of unfair that in-person students and online students pay the same fees and tuition but cannot take advantage of the same benefits of live events: live Q+A, networking with attendees, and additional instruction outside of the classroom. A “simulcast” component would really invite an enhanced global perspective for the student base. GGU is part CyberCampus, part brick and mortar. We should start acting like it!

I’m still thinking of ways to make my academic experience more relevant to me. Maybe I should consider posting more videos instead of typing out my commentary? Adding more screenshots to back up my points?

My academic resolutions for the Spring semester:

  1. Adhere to a pre-committed schedule for my academic work.
  2. Complete all of my assignments at least 24 hours before it is due. (Easier said than done for me…)
  3. If I have to make the choice between reading the material and participating for course credit…I’ll choose to do the reading. It will serve me better in the long run. (I am not paying thousands of dollars to teach other students or to prove to my professor that I am learning something in class.)

Last semester, my mantra was ‘Never let school interfere with your education.’ I learned a lot last semester but it’s time for me to buckle down and commit to spending my time and money wisely. I am, after all, paying quite a bit for this education. I’d better start taking it more seriously!

One thought on “A New Semester, A Fresh Start: Resolutions for a New Term

  1. As someone who is also working on her degree online [Ashford U], I feel your “missing human interaction” pain! I think I’m going to start doing my school work in a public place, at least I’ll be surrounded be people.Thanks for the reminder to put my syllabus into my calendar.
    Good luck this semester!


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