Return From A Brief Respite Refreshed

It has been an interesting few days away. Despite my best intentions to maintain my Post A Day 2011 status I still have some days that I haven’t been able to devote the few minutes it takes to tap out one of these blog entries. (I lie — it never takes just a few minutes…it usually takes me about a half hour: 15 minutes to write and 15 minutes to edit/embellish.)

A few things have been keeping me busy:

  • A visit to the Griffith Park Observatory with my significant other. It was incredibly fun and relaxing to be out with nature (sort of).
  • I went in for my first proactive doctor’s visit and received an acupuncture treatment, which to say the least has been having a great effect on my day-to-day experience.
  • I’ve been hurriedly planning for the pre-SXSW meetup which is finally taking place tomorrow in LA!
  • I’m starting to plan the SXSWAngels/my UNbirthday sendoff in a few weeks.
  • I’ve been struggling to keep up with my schoolwork with my increased responsibilities at work!
  • I’m trying to stay consistent with my exercise UNroutine, which is proving difficult to work into my work UNroutine as well.
  • I registered for the LA Big 5K run on March 19th.
  • I booked three new projects this week!

So yes, needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy. Hoping to spend less time editing and more time creating my blog entries this week. Let’s see if I succeed at not overthinking this whole process!

3 thoughts on “Return From A Brief Respite Refreshed

  1. Oh, I love love love the Griffith Park observatory. I loved going there when I lived in L.A. (I’m in Bakersfield now.) Congrats with all the great things that are happening. I am grateful I found you via Postaday on facebook.


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