Q+A: What are you running from?


Good question, although I have a feeling that the question was half serious and half playing around.

So, what exactly am I running from when I’m running?

I’ve read a few articles about people running from their former selves…perhaps a more plump, depressed, chaotic, stressed, or unhappy version of themselves. Others are running from their problems or their past.

What am I running from?

  • I’m running away from my stresses and problems. Most of my problems are solved on my runs, so they are a lot more therapeutic than physical.
  • I’m running away from my negative thoughts. There’s something peaceful that comes from (temporary) physical exhaustion and knowing I gave it my all.
  • I’m running away from inconsistency. Knowing that I can keep at something for longer than I am comfortable with makes me feel like I will be able to transfer that will power into other areas of my life.
  • I’m running away from a bad past. There are some things that I prefer to forget, but running calms and pacifies the anger and angst I used to hold very close to me.
  • I’m running away from my computer. It’s one thing to work on it all day, but it’s another thing to spend all of my free time on it too. Just an hour or two away helps refresh my thoughts since a lot of my design problems are solved when I feel more connected with nature.
  • I’m running away from lethargy. Sometimes running makes me really tired, but most of the time I’m energized from the experience.
  • I’m running away from inefficient communication. When I’m in tune with how I really feel — and whether or not I’m making excuses for myself or others — I’m helping clarify whatever issues are at hand.
  • I’m running away from my inability to change. Running is relatively new to me and has brought great meaning, new friendships, and a different outlook. Every step I take helps me realize that change (for the better) is possible for someone who definitively makes the choice to improve themselves.

What are some things that you run away from?

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