Dress for Success Named an Official Charity of the 2012 Honda LA Marathon

I hurriedly spent the month of April planning the inaugural Dress for Success Worldwide-West 5K/Power Walk here in LA. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun! Planning a 5K is much more different than running a 5K, that’s for sure. And, if I had to do it all over again, I absolutely would.

So, imagine how thrilled I was when I got wind that we were chosen to be one of the official charities of the Honda LA Marathon? Really?! The marathon of the city that I’m so proud to have been born and raised in? Dress for Success means so much to me that it was a great honor to be able to bridge that gap!

I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities to bring some much needed dollars to this fantastic organization while helping a group of people reach their fitness and fundraising goals. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to gently help people reach their goals. NOTHING. This experience is going to require a lot of patience and learning on my behalf but I am a willing student.

The news of the marathon comes right on the cusp of Dress for Success’ Worldwide West office (here in Los Angeles) helping their 1000th woman in a little over one year. It was an absolutely amazing feat and would not have been made possible without the amazing leadership at the office and the devotion of our volunteers. If you are interested in running for an awesome charity that is helping women transition from welfare-to-work in Los Angeles, definitely consider joining Team Dress for Success! Give back to your community while doing something you’ll remember for a lifetime.