Recent Read: Ultramarathon Man

This is a fantastic book! I found it when I started running early on and it was helpful to see that someone else was going through the same things I was experiencing. Dean is a fantastic writer — the pace of the book is fast but it keeps you in the moment with anecdotes and stories of his motivations, family, experiences, and perspective.

Without giving away too much info, my favorite part of the book was definitely the beginning. He chronicles his “EUREKA” moment and his first run, recounts his experiences in vivid detail, and flashes back between the present perfect and the past seamlessly.

I would highly recommend any newbie runners looking for extra motivation to pick up this book. Most serious runners scoff at him since he’s a marketing machine, but in my perspective he is just using his talent to promote the health and well being of children. To me he is more of a cause/fund-runner since most of the time, he is promoting his charity, Karnos Kids.

Pick it up! My rating: 10/10

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