Recent Read: Teach Yourself How to Run a Marathon

This was one of my most favorite marathon books to read.

It was very snappy, straight forward, and to the point. The content is well structured and the information is poignant. It’s a fantastic resource for the newbie runner and marathoner (like myself).

The content helps get you acquainted with…

  • The time, mental energy, and commitment required for someone to take on such an endeavor
  • How to choose a marathon
  • How to run for a charity
  • How to make the time to train
  • How to keep a training log
  • The importance of rest
  • Gear
  • Stretching
  • Events, clubs, training with others
  • The importance of cross training
  • Nutrition
  • How to fundraise for a charity
  • Race countdown
  • What to do the day of
I would wholly recommend this book to anybody and everybody looking to run their first marathon! What I especially loved about this book was all of the information it provided me in regards to fundraising for charity, and how important it is to use this sport to give back to the community.
Pick it up! My rating: 10/10