Fitness Fridays: Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

So you’re doing awesome and you’re on a committed routine. That’s fantastic! What happens when you fall out of your routine, get bored, or lack the motivation to continue? Getting into a fitness rut happens to everyone — even the most dedicated — so it’s important to recognize it when it does happen but also figure out a way to work through it.

There are a few good ways to work through it. I named three points that can help break you out of your rut:

  • Do something new. Sometimes you’re the one standing in the way of your own success. By reframing your perspective and trying something new, you may experience a newfound appreciation for what you do and get back into your old routine.
  • Start slow. Don’t feel pressured to quickly bounce back to your old routine. Go at a comfortable pace and never overload your body. Get back into the swing of things and make time for yourself before demanding a certain level of performance.
  • Bring a friend. Maybe working out solo just isn’t for you right now. Invite a friend who has been wanting to work out and plan to do so together. Who knows, maybe you can both break out of your ruts!
What other tips do you have for breaking out of a fitness rut? What do you recommend?