The Big Day Is Finally Here

After months of preparation, the big day is finally here! The LA Triathlon starts in less than 12 hours. OY!

I’m incredibly nervous but mostly excited. I think I finally have all of my effects in order — wetsuit, trisuit, arm warmers, racing belt, bike (and all the things that come with it), helmet, shoes, towel, tools — and now I can finally relax for the evening.

The last time I ran a benchmark race was the 5K in March. Everything in between has been pretty fun, but mostly filler. I’ve been nervous about those other races before, but the anxiety I feel tonight is similarly reminiscent of that first 5K. I suspect I won’t feel this way again until Athens, which will be a mess all in itself…and I’ll be in a different country to boot.

After sitting through the course and newbie briefings at the expo today, I feel a lot more comfortable and I think I’m just ready to go have a good time. I’m excited that the LA Triathlon is my first. I love the city I was born and raised in and would not want to share this first experience with any other in the world!

In keeping with tradition, whenever I cross off a bucket list race or milestone, I register for another one…so I think I will wrap up my dinner and do exactly that. See you at the finish line!