My Christmas Wish List for 2011

A lot of people talk about the things they want for Christmas. Nothing’s wrong with wanting stuff for Christmas, I suppose. However, what people usually don’t talk about are some of the more obvious needs of the people around them for the holidays.

For me, Christmas is more like Thanksgiving…it’s more of a time to reflect on all of the year’s changes. It’s also a time to give thanks and to pay it forward. So, my Christmas wish list is rather short —

  1. I want everyone I know to donate at least $10 to my Dress for Success fundraiser. Everyone who donates from me will receive a wonderful thank-you gift in the mail. (Just make sure to send me your mailing address.)
  2. If you aren’t doing something you love, I hope you vow to change it in 2012. Your life is too short (and precious) to waste it on something you aren’t passionate about.
That pretty much concludes it. If you get me a physical gift without actually donating to my cause, I might cry a little. On the inside.