My Birthday Wish, My Team on TV, Compromise, And More…

So far I’ve totally failed at my resolution to run twice this week before the long run. I aimed to run last night, and again this morning, and again during the day…and it didn’t happen. Going to aim to run at least a few miles tomorrow before my internship and to run again on Friday before I start work. Hey, something’s gotta give, right…? I’ve been having to cut school lately to work, mainly so that I can squirrel away enough for expenses to go to school, so all in all I’m confident that I’m doing the right thing.

Today I ran into the chiropractor that works across the hall from my boyfriend’s office. Chatted with her a bit. She seemed really nice and open to questions and giving advice and feedback. She seems like a great person to know! Whenever I pass by her office and peek in I see her marathon bibs…and she came to work today with her clip on cycling shoes. Cool lady.

On to some good news — Team Dress for Success will be on television! Next week, we have a live interview from the Dress for Success office here in Hollywood. So awesome! I’m glad that our efforts are getting some press coverage. Everyone should be running the marathon for a charity. I’m glad to be part of that process of helping people fundraise and advocate for a cause that they seem worthy. I will make sure to post details of the segment when I have it ready.

Last but not least — there’s only 28 days until my 28th birthday. My project has raised over $4K but I need to personally raise $1K in order to run the race. Have you ever heard of a team captain that couldn’t run the race she trained her team to race?! I haven’t, and I’m hoping that with your help I won’t fall into that DNF (or more like it, DNS — did not start) group. So, help a running sister out! I need to raise $491 more dollars. Totally feasible if you help me out a little bit. 🙂


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