Paleo Day 2…Still Going Strong

So far, so good! Day 2 and I haven’t gone off the deep end yet. I did, however, unload my 25-ct croissant box and my Simply Apple juice at school. SCORE! I was able to give some snacks to my classmates while getting rid of some of the foods I couldn’t eat. I feel much better about doing that than throwing perfectly good food away.

Had a relatively good day, energy-wise. I woke up with really sore legs from yesterday’s resistance training workout so today, I decided to work on my upper body instead. I am sure I will pay for it…

Anyways, here’s what I grubbed on. Doesn’t look too bad!

Breakfast – salmon and egg white scramble.

Energy drink – Green vibrance mixed with water. Tastes like dirt…

…but gave me enough energy to finish a 45-minute resistance/weight training session. OH YEAH!

Packed my food for school. I ended up eating everything except for the veggies. I think I have one more serving left for tomorrow.

Ended the day with some awesome silky green tea from Bird Pick (just bought it with my boyfriend), a handful of almonds, and some dates. Yum yum yum!

Something that is beginning to irritate me about paleo is the sheer amount of fish (meat) I’ve been consuming. I think prior to this, I probably only ate fish once or twice a week. Now I feel like I’m having it twice a day. Feels kind of gross…so I think I will continue to limit my intake of protein after I finish this batch of salmon that I precooked and load up on more leafy greens for my protein. I need to do some research and find out what I can do to mix things up a bit. I’m not a fan of monotony but my culinary laziness will definitely drive me crazy eventually.

However, I do remember a distant summer-fall-spring (probably about five or six years ago) where I subsisted primarily on Slim-Fast, sliced chicken, and spring mix…for about eight months. Hey, I also dropped a lot of weight since I was going to spin classes twice a day. I wouldn’t totally recommend that to anyone else. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I tend to take the easiest route for difficult journeys, health and fitness included. Perhaps I should shake things up a bit and get creative with my food. Otherwise I will be damned to an existence of bland food until I decide to switch from paleo to just plain old picky eating.

2 thoughts on “Paleo Day 2…Still Going Strong

  1. I’d suggest making some fish-based stews and soups.  With a variety of shellfish and crab/fish/etc., you can squeeze in a few more meal varieties.  I don’t think dark leafy greens are a reasonable source of protein.  The 12g of protein in 100 calories of spinach…comes from a whole pound of spinach.  But, those greens (and more fleshy veggies like broccoli) will keep you more sated.  Legumes (not paleo) would be a more efficient way of getting protein.


    1. Thanks Gabe! For the most part I stay away from shellfish because of my cholesterol issue but I’m sure I can work in some more soups and stews…probably of the Thai variety. I just looked at my emergency curry kit — a can of straw mushrooms, masaman curry paste, and coconut milk — and the curry paste lists some of its main ingredients as salt and sugar. I might have to go to the store and buy some simpler ingredients to whip up a curry storm to make this more interesting. 🙂 And thanks for the heads up about the leafy greens…that’s a lot of spinach. I’ll turn into Popeye with all that goodness!


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