Paleo Day 3…Need to Hunt Down Some Recipes

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I never bother with a whole lot of preparation unless I have some company. Don’t these veggies look bright and yummy?! They were as tasty as they look.

Also cooked up some home fries. It was a nice addition to the egg white scramble. As you can tell I can never get tired of eggs for breakfast! My goal was to make the dish as colorful as possible. I think I achieved that goal.

Right before I headed in to my internship I snacked on the usual banana, orange, dates, raisins, cranberries, and almonds. It kept me going right until my last client…and then the hunger set in. I was good for about three or so hours but I didn’t have any other food with me so I had to drive home hungry, in LA rush hour traffic, nursing a water bottle.

For dinner, I quickly assembled some leftover salmon and potatoes. Decided to throw in the salad for good measure, and brewed my favorite silky green tea!

My stomach was still rumbling, so added some oranges and another mug of tea.

Pre-bowling hunger struck again. Shant gave me some snacks. Weird how a walnut looks like the lobes of a brain!

For the most part, the day went smoothly. At the end of the night, my bestie called and wanted to schedule a very belated birthday brunch. I had to gently explain to her this new strange venture…and eventually coerced her into meeting me for breakfast at my place so that I can cook! I’m also meeting some friends on Friday night…so I may have to stick to tea and water or something. I really hope this new habit is sustainable.

Skipped my personal workout this afternoon after my internship. For some reason my quads cramped up on my morning walk to the farmer’s market and then my knee started hurting after I got home. It’s been a bit uncomfortable so I think it’s best to lay off the exercise for a day. Plus, I’ll be interning tomorrow morning and going to school in the evening, so there will be plenty of opportunities to burn more calories!

Speaking of calories, is it bad that I’m already planning ahead for my cheat meal? I don’t want to do an entire cheat day — I think that’s just gross and gluttonous — but for my cheat meal I’d like to head over to Veggie Grill and grab a chick’n sandwich and a side of quinoa mac and cheese. Oh, the thought of that just makes me SMILE.

Hopefully this weekend, in between apartment painting (if I’m not too lazy) and the Songkran Festival I can pick up some ingredients to make some Thai soups and curries. This food palate is getting way too bland for my liking. I need some more variety and spice in my food!