Running Grooves…and Bumps In The Road

Okay, so I haven’t posted in a bit. You know why? Because nothing has really been going on!

Paleo ended a few days after my last food post. It was a slow decline…It started with one meal gone awry, then followed by a a little cheating here and there, until I almost stopped caring for a bit. Not sure why. Did I go all out too hard? Would I have been a bit more successful if I made incremental changes? I’m sure I would’ve. However, I did learn a lot and made some new recipes along the way. I’m definitely more mindful about what I put into my mouth (even if it goes in, regardless). I’m trying not to go carb-phobic now as well. Sometimes it feels like I wrestle with myself in my head.

In addition to that, the last time I blogged I had mentioned a twisted ankle. It’s finally healing up. Sometimes it’s a bit sore when I start running, but I go gently and steadily and it works itself out. Sometimes it’s a little sore at the end of a run so I’ll ice it and massage it with homeopathic oils. I would say it’s almost 100% but not quite yet.

I unfortunately had to cut my last run pretty short. I was scheduled to do a 4 mile run and only made it through to mile two or so. I was really dragging, felt no motivation or no energy to continue. Can’t tell if it was my psyche or my body telling me to rest. I’d had a few really intense days working and studying so apparently the mind-body connection is more real than I previously thought.

Now I’m heading to bed a bit early on this young Saturday night so that I can make it out the door for my long 6 mile run tomorrow. You would think that after running a marathon that 6 miles doesn’t seem like very long. For me, it’s still a loooong way to go, especially when the first three miles of every run is the hardest.

2 thoughts on “Running Grooves…and Bumps In The Road

  1. I’ve heard a few more people suggest paleo but I’m looking into primal as well. It will have to be a steady change though. Otherwise I know I’ll crash and burn. I hope to build up to long runs soon.


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