Should I Consider A Super Sprint Triathlon?

I’m doing some research on upcoming triathlons in the Seattle area that I’ll be able to train for and race once I get settled in. I found one in nearby Kent and they have three distances: Olympic, Sprint, and Super Sprint.

I’m considering the Super Sprint distance — it’s only 1/4 mile open water swim, 15.8 mile bike, and a 5k. For the same price, though, I can race the Sprint distance.

Is it even worth putting on a wetsuit for a quater mile swim?! It takes me a long time to even get into it. Hmm…

Some pros about the Super Sprint:

  • The swim is so short that I don’t have any excuses not to do it
  • It’ll be a fun race to just get back into the tri swing of things
  • I won’t feel as much pressure during the swim
  • My chances of panicking in the water are considerably less
  • I can work on speed and form, rather than worrying too much about beating an old PR or distance
  • It’s pretty cheap!

I feel like I should opt for the Sprint, or even ideally the Olympic. I won’t have enough time to train for the Olympic (or at least I don’t gather that I’ll have enough energy to put into the time to train for the distance given the move and a new work situation).

On my run this morning I did the math in my head. (Thankfully it was pretty simple.)  I have about 5 months left to train for the half-Ironman if I still want to do it. I looked it up and it’s exactly 5 months and 10 days. 23 weeks. Seems pretty plausible if I still want to get serious about it. I wonder how I will be able to justify the time off to fly into AZ after 4 months of working there? Can I travel and recover quickly enough? Maybe I should tell HR just in case?

Oh, these carrots I like to dangle…At the end of the day I really just like working towards a goal, no matter how out of reach or impossible it feels.

2 thoughts on “Should I Consider A Super Sprint Triathlon?

  1. Aim high Amara! You have a great list of pros for doing the Super Sprint, don’t do something less and end up wondering what if… I know you can do this!


    1. Hey Ron! I see they have a 12-week Olympic-distance training plan…maybe I’ll try that. If I can’t get all of my training in I suppose I can always downgrade to sprint at a later time, right? 🙂


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