Honey Stinger Hive!

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been selected to join the Honey Stinger Hive this year!

For those of you who do not know of Honey Stinger, they make organic honey-based sports nutrition products in the forms of stroopwafels, endurance gels, chews, and protein bars. Stroopwafles were great for me on longer training bike rides (something I look forward to getting back into), since I needed something filling rather than my usual training gels. If I ate something too heavy, I’d get sick. However, something light like this would be just perfect! I could have something like this an hour or two before a race, climb, or ride and would feel great.

Energy chews would also be great pre-ride or pre-race. During longer races, chews also break up the monotony of liquid gels. Especially when I’m out for a 7-hour marathon (because you know me…slowpoke on your right!) I need something with texture but isn’t quite solid food. Chews to the rescue!

I’m hoping to take these with me to the Great Wall of China for my half marathon because these will definitely be a lifesaver. A 5-hour 13.1 mile run/hike on the wall? Yes, I will take all the stoopwafles and chews please!

I’m thankful for their sponsorship and look forward to all the training miles ahead with such a mission-driven company. Honey Stinger is based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is neat…it feels sort of like a local (to me!) company. When I pair that with nuun, which is based out of Seattle (where I lived previous to Denver), it feels like I am very lucky to represent two great mission-driven companies.

Happy training!