When the unthinkable happens

For most of my adult life, I've lived with the motto memento mori etched at the back of my head where it meets my neck. I traced the letters from Andy Warhol's various illustrations -- someone who was rebellious and poked fun at conventional living. The placement of my tattoo is particularly symbolic in that this … Continue reading When the unthinkable happens

This Type of Logic is Toxic

I spend a lot more time on Twitter and blogs than I do on Facebook. Most of the time, my timeline is filled with things that are of little importance -- people's opinion of politics, senseless partying photos, quips about sports teams, and more. One of my acquaintances generally strikes up cool conversations on Facebook … Continue reading This Type of Logic is Toxic

Celebrating Little Victories Along The Way

There's a lesson I learned a long time ago that I rarely follow...unfortunately, to my detriment. I remember that long ago, before I got my first job, I wanted to dedicate a small portion of my first paycheck to rewarding myself by buying something for myself at Tiffany's. When I graduated from college, I wanted … Continue reading Celebrating Little Victories Along The Way

Accepting Change and Moving On

Happiness is really a choice. Change? Not so much. Change hits me really hard. For some reason I'm just really uncomfortable with it. Many times...rather, most of the time, change is really for the better. I've had quite a few things that brought along a lot of change...graduating college, moving out, ending relationships, leaving projects, … Continue reading Accepting Change and Moving On

Getting Dressed For Work Is Kind Of A Big Deal

I've always loved dressing up. For some girls, that means whoring out or dressing skanky. For me, it's always meant sophisticated/business casual. I grew up wanting to dress older than I actually was because I wanted to be taken seriously. In high school I was that annoying girl who really wanted to wear cardigans, slacks, … Continue reading Getting Dressed For Work Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Personality is about 80% of the game.

I was recently in a discussion with a confidant about the philosophies behind the graphic design profession. What does it take to be a great designer: skill, talent or personality? In a perfect work, preferably a combination of all three! However, when there are weighing factors, I would say that one trumps the others. Having … Continue reading Personality is about 80% of the game.