Finally…I’m Undergoing a Redesign

I’ve been working on a full-life makeover here the last few months and with that comes a redesign of my personal website! For those of you who care, I actually modeled it after my favorite hat. It was kind of like that Kohler commercial where a couple asks a fancy architect to build their house around a sink.

Backstory: I’ve always had an appreciation for great advertising so I decided to take a similar perspective for this new design. Not only that but since I have a problem finishing personal projects — they’re never quite as PERFECT as I’d like them to be — it was a great shift in thinking: instead of trying to please my taste in aesthetics, I was suddenly trying to solve a design problem. So, in the end, logic trumped emotion. Sounds familiar…

New design pays homage to traditional forms communications via heavy block typesetting, fixed-width body copy fonts, careful use of organic hues, and textured papers/overlays. It marries new technologies with feed syndication from Twitter (tweets) and Yfrog (pics), my most frequented social notworking platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Vokle, Failbook aka Facebook, Skype), a tag cloud that lays out the essence of my thoughts in an easy to digest format, and quick links to my business ventures so that you can carry on an intelligent conversation about what I do when we meet in real life. WIN! Website Redesign 2011