A Design & Marketing Manifesto: Integrity in Practice

Design and marketing are very powerful at influencing public opinion and consumption patterns. When combined, they are a force to be reckoned with.

To much of my chagrin, the world runs on emotion and money. Unfortunately there are people who are puppeteering the show, pulling at the purse strings of an ignorant public that unknowingly buys into the continuous, flighting, and pulsing messages found in the multitude of media channels available to them. Whether its radio, television, film, web, print, poster, interactive, mobile, or press, our global community is being gorged with misinformation overload.

The Truth by Ozlem Durmus (Turkey)

As such, it is an enormous responsibility to have the power and privilege to craft private messages for public consumption. Whether it’s print design, web development, digital media design, marketing, advertising, branding or communications, the power of communications should never be used to further evil.

Here are my guiding principles:

I will only contribute my talents to inform the public of a product/service that can truly help them live a better life.

I will put forth my best effort to consider new projects and messages from the most objective perspective possible.

I will carefully consider the ramifications of each marketing message I create on someone else’s behalf.

I will give back to my community in both service and resources without desire for recognition.

I will connect people who can form symbiotic relationships and work together to positive ends.

I will explain my reasoning and process as necessary to achieve active transparency in the creative process.

I will manifest my destiny through diligence, hard work, and seizing opportunities.

I will refuse a project when it does not align with my guiding principles.

I will always choose honesty over the path of least resistance.

What design/marketing credos do you work by?