My Theory on Reincarnation

On a cold afternoon one day, I sat down in my car with my mother and had a heart-to-heart with her on the concept of reincarnation.

Samsara - The Concept of Continuous Flow

In the traditional Buddhist teachings, reincarnation was explained as the afterlife. After your physical form passes, your spirit transcends that physical form and takes place in a new vessel. That could be as a new person (moving up) or an animal (moving down). Your karma dictated your ascension or descension and it seemed limited to only the physical being. It was as if you were living your entire life for the possibility of a “refresh” button or a chance to start over.

For me, reincarnation happens the minute my spirit dies. I’ve had a few instances in my life when I’ve felt a spirit-crushing pain so strong that there’s no other way to put it but true spirit-death. When that happens I usually feel that I come to some sort of breakthrough. I vow to make a change that will never allow myself to feel said pain again. Perhaps I resolve to do things differently next time. Maybe I choose to forgive but never forget. There’s been a myriad of instances in which I’ve experienced this spirit-death and was able to reframe my perspective instantaneously. It’s freakishly powerful, usually uncontrollable, and probably one of my subconscious survival mechanisms.

In addition to this emotional pain, I can actually feel a physical sensation as well. You can actually compare it to an adrenaline rush coupled with a mental high: my heart and mind races, my skin begins to feel flush, and I become hyperaware and sensitive to everything around me. It is usually in that moment that I begin to make changes in my environment — physical and/or mental — and it is only in retrospect that I realize that I am doing it.

So, in short, reincarnation isn’t limited to the passing of your physical form. It can happen everyday. The instant you decide that you want change in your life, close your eyes. When you open them again, it’s your chance to make your world right.

7 thoughts on “My Theory on Reincarnation

  1. That was a pretty cool perspective. I know in my own life i have felt similar moments that seem to push you into new places in your life. Can’t way to read more of your postaday2011. Ive been doing it for two weeks two and I feel some sort of reincarnation beginning already.


    1. I’ve always found blogging to be quite cathartic. I also journal extensively and I find that when I write down some sort of resolution I come to a breakthrough much faster. What has also helped as of late is group meditation…non-denominational and peer-led. It’s a great experience!

      Looking forward to reading your postaday2011s as well. Keep it up!


  2. I especially enjoyed this article. I do believe in reincarnation but really had to absorb the concept of daily reincarnation. It makes so much sense and is a great and purposeful interpretation.


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