The Importance of Consistency

One of the things I struggle with is consistency. I’m a worker bee and I try to be a great friend, but I’m not exactly the most consistent. I guess you could say that consistency is my Achilles’ heel. I realize that it’s a weakness but when I feel myself slipping, I strive for it. In my personal relationships I crave it. It is oftentimes overlooked but the idea of being consistent and reliable is more important than you may realize.

This topic is a recurring theme in my life. My participation in school is rather inconsistent. I don’t always return phone calls to my parents. As my motivation wanes so does the production of my work.

I think a part of being consistent is recognizing long term goals. If you set your sights on the short term, there is no standard at which to hold yourself accountable. In what ways do you try to be more consistent? Have you been successful?

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Consistency

  1. Thanks for this post! You hit the nail right on the head. In a creative industry where there are so many demands, which all move at lightning pace, how do you actually remain consistent? I wouldn’t say it’s more so a matter of consistency but one of prioritization, honesty and transparency. One thing that can help this is to set ambitious yet humble expectations for deadlines and communicate that with people.

    The other aspect to consider is time management and compartmentalization. When wearing all of these hats, we have to segment our days and time. Multi-tasking in this case leads to many distractions. Securing A big picture, even if it’s not THE big picture is a crucial part to goal setting, and working backwards to determine and execute the actionable steps to get there. Have you read Tim Ferris’ “The Four Hour Work Week?” He’s a bit extreme, but he KNOWS how to create lifestyle that takes care of it ALL.


    1. Prioritization is a big one. Sometimes designers get caught up in becoming a “pixel-pusher” instead of bringing their real strengths to the project. I can understand that sometimes it is easier to just fly under the radar than it is to challenge your client to create the best solution available…but yes, the bigger picture vs. the minutiae seems to be the eternal struggle of all creatives.

      You know, a lot of people recommend that book to me so perhaps I should check it out next! My reading list is about a mile long… 🙂


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