The Kill Switch, #DayOfAnger, and Fragility Of It All

Net neutrality sparked conversation all throughout the blogosphere and Twittersphere this week with historic events like the State of the Union address and Egypt’s Day of Anger. These events have pointed back to the discussion of net neutrality and sovereignty of nations over digital communications.

Do we have a right to expect digital communications to remain free of political trickery? If Egypt could pull the plug on the Internet for their citizens, couldn’t something like that ostensibly happen to us in the free world? And since we rely on commercial providers, and because commerce isn’t immune to political lobbying or pressure, aren’t we all at risk?

The short answer is yes.

Although there is no silver bullet that will fix all of our worldly problems, I think the best thing we can do right now as citizens of a relatively free country is to take advantage of all of the resources we have at our disposal. We should be using technology to open up communications, carry intelligent conversations, and help others achieve freedom through technology. Oh, and if you can swing it, I would sign up for premium level services for your favorite apps. If web apps were member and customer supported instead of being backed by actual investors with agendas, I believe that we could keep autonomy over our technology.

So, tonight, I will be spending my time with these wonderful objects of my affection and staying true to my word! How will you further the Internet? Will you be generating content or just letting a few select people tell our collective story?