The Kill Switch, #DayOfAnger, and Fragility Of It All

Net neutrality sparked conversation all throughout the blogosphere and Twittersphere this week with historic events like the State of the Union address and Egypt's Day of Anger. These events have pointed back to the discussion of net neutrality and sovereignty of nations over digital communications. Do we have a right to expect digital communications to … Continue reading The Kill Switch, #DayOfAnger, and Fragility Of It All

Can Net Neutrality Realistically Exist?

Heated discussions are abound online and off regarding net neutrality. Let's take a second to actually define net neutrality so that we aren't operating from errant presuppositions. Net neutrality has been defined as a "buzzword used to describe a principle proposed for users' access to networks participating in the Internet. The principle advocates no restrictions … Continue reading Can Net Neutrality Realistically Exist?