The Quickest Brand Identity Project I’ve Ever Completed

I designed the logo, website, and a social media theme TODAY in 8 hours. Now, I usually can’t pull these types of miracles for my clients, so don’t expect it! Also, fast doesn’t always mean good, so be weary if someone will actually rush through such an important process. I had a lot of time to marinate what this design would look like before I ever put mouse to pixel.

I was able to complete everything so quickly because:

  • My committee was really easy to please
  • Everyone’s information was easily accessible
  • I had free reign on all creative work
  • I was able to work uninterrupted
  • I had control over what type of technology to use for each of the mediums
  • There was a nanosecond approval process
  • The team made decisions quickly and were flexible

So, the next time you wonder why your designer or webmaster is taking forever and a day on your project, consider the above points and see where you can trim the fat. The more you allow your hired hands to do the job for you without being micromanaged, the better the output and the higher the morale!

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