Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Only time will tell, but so far (for me) YES.

I went in for my first treatment last week and I was not quite sure what to expect.

I did not come into it with a lot of research or understanding of its medicinal properties. I was really seeking some advice and answers on some of the health issues I’ve been facing as of late, most of them relating to my nutrition and overall well-being. This time, I had done things a little differently. I came in with current information on my health. I brought in my exercise log, my food diary, and a list of questions and topics I wanted to discuss with my doctor. She was incredibly patient and answered every question to my satisfaction, which is rare since I’ve had some pretty bad doctor’s visits prior to meeting with her.

Anyways, this was my first acupuncture treatment. I was not really feeling sick, but I asked her what she would recommend for someone like me who was looking to stay proactive about their health. She recommended a combination of treatments to help me with my stress levels, metabolism (since I’ve been exercising), and energy levels. The atmosphere was very comfortable and temperate. The process was completely sterile and as I was receiving my treatments I was still unsure of what I would or should be feeling.

It reminded me of all of the other misguided doctors appointments I had huffed out of in the past. Who am I to expect instant results? Doctors can only work with what you give them so I tried not to expect anything immediately. After the treatment I felt relaxed but a little groggy. It continued in to the next day but by the third day I was back up and at ’em.

And that’s when I started noticing the changes.

Suddenly, I had plenty more energy after my workouts to keep working at a decent pace. Quite a few stressful situations were lobbed by way but I didn’t freak out. (Sometimes I appear calm on the outside but I freak out on the inside. This time I did neither!) I’ve also been less and less distracted by food cravings, which then leads me into increased productivity and a better mood overall.

These changes happened without me really taking notice. It wasn’t until I connected the dots back to my acupuncture treatment that I realized that it might be working after all. I’m pretty objective when it comes to matters of the body (especially mine) so I was slightly surprised that it was having such a positive effect on me.

In fact, I was so surprised that I began talking about it with a few people that I am close to…my best friend, my significant other, and my mother. They all seemed piqued by my experience. I’m not putting a whole lot of weight into it but I am planning on scheduling follow-up appointments to see if I continue to reap the benefits of the treatment. Until then I suppose I will continue to keep doing what I am doing and hope that my health issues resolve themselves! I am planning on doing some research and reading about Chinese medicine and acupuncture so that I can go into my next session more informed.