The $2.32 Power Dinner

It might seem a bit impossible to eat well on a budget, but more and more I am discovering that it is cheaper and easier to eat healthy at home.

I ran a couple of miles after work and then wrapped up the evening with a weight training set. After I finished I was pretty hungry and debated whether or not to eat out or cook dinner at home. I’m glad I decided to cook instead! In an effort to save money and eat healthier, I think choosing the latter was a better decision.

What I had tonight was delicious! Broiled salmon, cooked kale, and a baked potato. I had a few ingredients at home already: olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, sour cream, oregano.

Thawed the salmon in the microwave and then dressed it with olive oil, cracked salt, cracked pepper, and crushed oregano. Tossed it in the oven over the BROIL setting to cook for about 5-7 minutes. Pre-cooked the potato in the microwave, wrapped it in foil, and then baked it while the salmon was cooking. I tossed three handfuls of kale in olive oil over low heat and cracked some salt over it. Dinner was ready in about 10-15 minutes and cost me less than a cup of coffee!

  • $3.99 bag of 20 potatoes = $0.20/potato
  • $10.29 bag of 6 salmon fillets = $1.72/fillet
  • $1.99 bag of kale = $0.40 for a 1/5 serving

What did you have for dinner? How much did it cost you? Was it healthy?


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