Paleo Day 4…A Few Minor Slipups

What a busy day Thursday was! Had my internship so I had to pack a whole day worth of food. Wolfed down most of it before realizing that I didn’t snap any photos. For breakfast I had the egg white scramble with veggies. Packed some bananas, oranges, dates, cranberries, raisins, and almonds. Made orange marinated pacific cod and packed a large garden salad (pictured below).

For dinner we tried to eat out. Went to a local sushi joint next to the college. It was a challenge staying away from soy sauce. Here, we ate yellowtail sashimi. As a soy sauce substitute I squeezed a full lemon onto the fish. Pretty yummy!

Then went on to the Rock ‘n Roll. It was pretty good. All fresh fish with avocado and instead of seaweed it was wrapped with cucumber. We didn’t know that it was going to be served with ponzu sauce. At least it’s only partially soy sauce. (It’s a mix of soy sauce, squeezed citrus, and vinegar.)

Then had some sort of burrito. This was wrapped with soy paper. Oh well, could have been worse. It’s really hard avoiding soy at a Japanese restaurant anyways.

Ended the night with grilled yellowtail collar.

So all in all, I had two slipups today. During the dinner break, my instructor gave me some of her Iranian eggplant dinner. She gave it to me wrapped in some pita bread and I had bit into it before I realized what happened. So, I took in a small sliver of bread (nothing to lose sleep over) and some soy paper. Otherwise, I’m still sticking to it!