Paleo Day 10…Workout Fueling and Late Night Eats

Had a pretty awesome day in terms of energy level. Again I was reluctant to head out for my back to back to back workout with GU so I tried a little experiment and took along three bananas. I downed the first one right before swimming, the second one after my swim, and my third one after my cycling and running. It kept me going as well as the GU, although the banana is admittedly more smelly and produces more trash than the GU. Go figure. I can discretely down some GU on the bike or treadmill but it’s kind of silly looking to be chomping away at a banana during a workout. Maybe I can shatter some sort of eating-in-the-gym stereotype or something.

Then came breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry. It happens a lot when I work out. I don’t get hungry for hours but I’m usually exhausted and too tired to cook anyways. I mustered up enough willpower to put together an egg white, broccoli, bell pepper, and baby bella mushroom scramble. (Not yet getting tired of eggs for breakfast. Who doesn’t like eggs?!)

Then, as I was settling down for a good work session, hunger struck again! Thankfully I was already thawing out some salmon. This time I pan-fried it with a little olive oil and tossed some broccoli in. So good!

I started getting the munchies for something sugary, most likely because of all the energy I expended during the swim/bike/run. Put together a dried berry and date melange…super sweet. It definitely gave me the picker-upper I needed.

I had an event at UCLA I needed to attend but I didn’t want to go hungry and end up snacking on something unhealthy, so I took a bag of raw nut mix with me to eat during the car ride there. It staved off my hunger until nearly midnight, when we were all starving for a nice meal…which lead us to drive all the way to Hollywood for some awesome Thai food!

Had my usual Tom Kha soup (coconut milk, chili paste, chili peppers, lime, lemongrass, with fish). It was hot and spicy and everything I love about Thai food. My mouth is still watering thinking about the hot pot.

I also forgot to take a photo of my other dish but I got a spicy squid entree with water chestnuts, bell peppers, cashews (which I avoided since they looked funny), peas, and carrots. Yum yum. (This photo was taken off another site and wasn’t exactly what I ate.)

It’s getting easier and easier to skip the jasmine rice and Pad Thai and Thai iced tea…but I won’t lie. I really really really wanted some!!

It seems like it’s much more feasible to eat out on paleo than previously imagined. You just have to get a little creative with the restaurant. It seems like the Asian restaurants have dishes that are more easily adaptable than other cuisines. Do you guys have any recommendations on restaurants and places to eat that are paleo friendly?