Paleo Day 11…Workout Recovery and Minor Ethnic Cheats

Thursday…it was the day after Wednesday, the day after I had pushed myself a bit farther than usual. Every few months or so I’ll get a yearning to try my hand at a solo sprint triathlon, meaning that I attempt the distances at a local gym to check out my current level of conditioning. Well, since I was off of official training for quite a bit, my personal sprint triathlon was pretty tough. I had a hard time getting through the bike and run portion! I had plenty of nutrition on hand but it was one of the more difficult workouts I’ve had in a really long time. That’s probably a good thing.

The day started off with a great egg scramble with broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers. Hey look! My reflection is in the spoon!

Then, someway mid way through the work day, I began getting massive sugar cravings. I peeled three oranges and shared them with Shant, who was working from my place for a few days.

Then, another snack attack…

…and more snack attacks…

…which then led us to dinner. We’d been eating in quite a bit lately so we were really craving something different from the norm. We’re only a few miles away from Little Ethiopia and we used to frequent this little restaurant called Merkato. I always get the veggie combo plate. It’s served on a large platter of injera, which is made out of teff flour (which is a grain and NOT paleo). We had a semi-cheat but I must’ve eaten a small bit of bread. I had some pea stews, cabbage, collard greens, and tomato salad.

Strangely enough after I had a few bites of my food with the injera and I actually preferred to eat without it. There was something incredibly satisfying about eating with your hands (no utensils allowed!!). The foods tasted so rich and pure…I didn’t want to denature the taste with the injera bread. So, I ate without it and every once in awhile, when I found it was really tough to hold the stews in my hands, I grabbed some bread for a small morsel. So delicious!