Paleo Day 13…Pre-Holiday Festivities, Breaking Bread

Spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s house generally makes it a culinary challenge, since I don’t prepare all of the food I eat. However, since he’s on paleo too, it’s a smidge easier. I started the day with a huge bag of almonds, cranberries, and raisins.

We were boiling eggs for Easter and making some doughy, date-filled bready pastries. The dough smelled so good. It was my first time making pastries from scratch! Slightly torturous because of the aroma but a good day in the kitchen nonetheless.

So, apparently, even though I skipped my egg white scramble I still managed to consume 6 egg whites. The rest are below and scattered throughout the day!

So here’s one of the pastries we made. This one was pretty small, probably a little bigger than a half dollar coin. I ate a bite of it to taste it but it smelled better than it tasted. Boohoo! However, I picked at the date filling, which was pretty yummy.

Something I found very interesting about kneading the dough and bread…it reminds me of how I feel when I eat too much bread. I feel all mushy and pudgy and squishy!

Got hungry again so I grabbed a hard boiled egg and strawberry.

For dinner we cooked some sardines. I put them in lettuce cups and topped it with tahini and parsley…and I ate about seven or eight of them. Yum!

Finished the day with another egg white…

…and then brewed some tea and had some more strawberries.

Tomorrow is Easter, and since Shant’s family celebrates it, it will be interesting to see how well I can do while being tempted with all of the different types of food. I’m sure there will be photos galore! What I’m finding most interesting is how I’m not enjoying the taste of bread as much as I used to, since I’ve stopped eating it.

Also had a few temptations today that I turned down…
-Kidney beans
-Corn on the cob

Here’s hoping to a good, clean day of eating tomorrow. It’s probably a good idea to help out with the cooking if I want to make sure I can actually eat some of the food being made!