Paleo Day 14…Easter Sunday Cheats

Sunday started off without a hitch. It was a mild sunny morning and I was sitting in my boyfriend’s backyard enjoying some fresh strawberries, a crisp glass of water, and a popular book called The Primal Blueprint. Figured that it’d be nice to read a few pages from it since I’m following a very similar way of eating. The strawberries were incredibly sweet and tangy…and were on sale at the market for $1 a pound. Score!

Then came the Easter dinner preparations. We had a lot of shopping and cooking to do. I helped a little bit, but in all of the commotion I ended up forgoing any semblance of lunch…so I munched on my trusty packs that I stashed for the weekend. I ate two of them within the span of five or so hours. So hungry!

Then came a holiday tradition that involved hard-boiled eggs. I don’t know much about it except for the fact that I’ve taken part in two of these games and I managed to lose this one. Despite my loss I still gained an egg, so I ate it before dinner. (Yolk and all.)

Then came the spectacular dinner! I enjoyed some tilapia, salad, and a handsome helping of potatoes and hummus. I ended up eating twice as much of everything since it was so delicious. I also enjoyed a few glasses of wine to polish off the evening just right.

We settled in for an evening of movies and I packed away a few of those date pastries for the both of us…and we coupled it with some tea.

So, all in all, my cheats were hardly all that evil….hummus and a few pastries. It was definitely nice to indulge with a few glasses of wine though. They were badly needed after all of the stress I’ve been going through! Looking forward to a good week of clean eats and great workouts.