Paleo Day 15…Fish Tacos and Too Much of a Good Thing

Started off my day with a different type of scramble this time…onions, bell peppers, and roasted green peppers with a side of potatoes!

Then went to visit a friend. She was gracious enough to share her blood oranges with me. It was so sweet and tasty! I will have to hunt down the farmer’s market she bought these at to get a handful for myself.

By the time I got home that evening, I was starving…so I put together some fish tacos! Lettuce cups + sauteed mushrooms + broiled salmon = taco goodness.

There was so much leftover that I ended up having two more! They were so yummy.

Continued my work…and as I work, I always need snacks. I think I’m overdoing it a little bit on the nuts, dried fruit, and dates. I know they pack a lot of nutritional and caloric punch, but I load up on them nonetheless. I suppose I could just load up on baby carrots instead…and I have about 5 lbs of that in my fridge right now. What do you think? Is that an acceptable “creative-food” substitute?

Then I ended the day with some nori. Very yummy!