Paleo Day 16…Big Eats For A Big Training Day

Started my training day off with a very light snack…a banana. It never gives me a stomachache and I never feel like hurling during a workout when I eat it.

Proceeded with a strength training workout, followed by a run…I was a little bit on the tired side to start. If there was a way to complete this workout in a lazy manner I certainly achieved it.

Yup, my pace was definitely lazy. To my defense, it was a really nice day in the park!

After my workout I made some breakfast. This was more veggies than eggs this time, but very filling nonetheless. I can remember feeling my stomach grumbling by mile 3 of my run.

I’m also definitely getting the impression that I’m eating way too many nuts and dried fruits. I mean, can it really be that bad? It’s pretty much a mega meal substitution at this point. I suppose all I want is something to gnaw and crunch on. Maybe I should really look into munching on some celery or carrots instead. Another thing too — I’ve upgraded from my piddly little 40z container to a small bowl. That’s probably where my downfall is.

The other day I picked up some dried cherries and they added a little bit of zing to my mix. Loved it!

Had some leftover salmon from last night’s dinner, so I opted for the same meal again: salmon mushroom lettuce tacos.

Then, later in the evening I went bowling…so much bowling alley food: quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers. I munched on a few carrot sticks that were served with the chicken fingers, but as soon as I went home I made some soup! Hot water + spinach + cod + bella mushrooms + lemon juice. I have to admit that I cracked some salt over it…it just wasn’t the same without it.

Kind of wishing that I picked up some tahini sauce…I think it’d make a nice addition to some of the lunches and dinners I’ve been making! And, speaking of which, I might just head over to Trader Joe’s later to pick up some of this famed almond butter…according to one of my friends Mark it’s completely out of this world. I will prepare to have my world rocked by said almond butter…if it’s within regulation, of course!