Getting Settled In, New Training Plan, First Week

So after being on the road quite a bit, I finally made it to my home destination, Seattle!

I live in an area called Eastlake…it’s the eastern side of Lake Union. My office is in South Lake Union, which is only a mile walk. 1.2 miles to be exact. Right now I have to lug around two laptops so I sometimes take the bus since my backpack is so heavy. I appreciate being able to log extra miles in my RunKeeper but they sure come at a price!

Prior to leaving LA and going on vacation in Las Vegas for a week, I was on a slight green smoothie kick for about a week or so. On vacation I didn’t do much damage either. I didn’t exercise much outside of walking around the Vegas strip and making rounds at the buffets. (We only went to a few…that’s pretty good for a seven day trip, okay?)

I also made a complete rookie move…I moved in to my apartment half a day before I started my new job. Total rookie mistake. One week later I feel a bit more settled in. I’ve gotten some running in (made it 25% to my 100 mile goal!), kept up with my half marathon class, managed to do well at work, and unpacked most of my boxes. I have a tendency to take on too much at once, so I’m really trying to scale back right now. Instead of jumping straight into marathon or triathlon training, I decided that just running and some weight training was going to cut it for now. I’d like to focus more on my eating habits, too.

This week I’m introducing some circuit training back into my routine. I signed up for a boot camp class on Groupon (it was only $20 for 20 sessions) and I report in three times a week between 6:30am and 7am. That’ll sure whip my butt into shape! Or at least I hope. It’s so early that I don’t really have the whole I’ll-be-late-to-work crutch that most people pull. I guess the only way to sabotage my efforts would be to stay too late in the office in the evenings.

On the nutrition front…aside from the pain of having gobbled down a cheese quesadilla on Friday and packing pasta three of the five days last week for lunch, I think this coming week will be much better. I did all of my shopping beforehand and I have tons of good food ready for the week ahead: mean green juice ingredients (kale, spinach, cucumbers, apples, ginger, lemon, celery), salmon, salad ingredients, cereal, soy milk, eggs. I’m trying to keep my kitchen as “clean” as possible. Aside from the pasta that I can’t/won’t throw away I don’t have any rice or bread at my place.

As I’m easing back into training, blogging, and working full-time, I hope I’ll be able to keep up with all of my plans! I hope to finish out the half marathon class and run the Rock ‘n Roll LA 2012 with a strong time. I hope to make it through all 20 sessions of the boot camp between now and Labor Day weekend. I also have quite the race schedule planned so it’ll be interesting to see how I keep up with it!

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