Recovery Run: Well Worth The Wait!

Yesterday I woke up feeling like absolute crapola, so I decided to take the day off again. Aside from grocery shopping I spent it juicing and sleeping. The off-my-feet approach definitely paid off when I awoke this morning feeling healthy and chipper!

I set off for a run — no real distance or time goal in mind. Instead I wanted to visit a few places around town to connect the dots a bit. About two years ago I visited Pike Place for the first time. A few months ago I visited the Olympic Sculpture Garden and the Space Needle for the first time. And, of course, over the last few weeks I’ve tried to become familiar with the Lake Union/Cascade area because of where I live and work. My goal was to connect the dots: make it all the way to those points of interest WITHOUT the use of any navigation tools, and I actually made it! I guessed it would be around 6.5 miles or so but I ran around the neighborhood a bit to round it up to a nice 7 mile run.

The day was incredibly sunny and the tourists were out! It was nice to see so many different parts of the city that I miss during the workweek. It made me feel a smidge more connected to this place. I keep having to remind myself that this isn’t some sort of temporary work assignment…this is a place I’ll have to call home for quite a bit. I should definitely spend some time getting cozy, right? However, I’m in no rush since I know that I will be here awhile, but until then, I hope to continue some more running tours in the Queen Anne area, the International District, and Capitol Hill (which is QUITE hilly, if I may add).

Last night I also downloaded a new book — Chrissie Wellington’s A Life Without Limits. I’m about 50 pages in and I love it so far. Once I’m done I’ll do my obligatory book review but so far it’s very telling and inspirational. It was so inspirational in fact that I registered for my third marathon, the Birch Bay Ghost Marathon.


It’s the 8th of December, which keeps me on my half marathon training track and ramps up with the double digit runs post October 28th and into Thanksgiving. I think the pressure of the event will keep me focused on my training and nutrition, so overall it should be a win. Plus the weather conditions are supposed to be awful (40 or below, might be icy, but probably windy). Hopefully no rain. The chances of rain in December are not as high as it is between December and May/June so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe if I can keep up with my training throughout our rainy season, there may be an ultramaraton waiting for me come summer!

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