Desert Double Down with Dress For Success

So after a bit of debate, and even a bit of opinion crowdsourcing, I’ve decided to go ahead with the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Arizona. Although not as grandiose as the Disney Goofy Challenge, I figure that can wait for another year (maybe next) when I’m a bit more prepared both physically and financially. It’d also be nice to get some friends and family in on that trip!

So, even though this race is all the way in Arizona, it still feels like a local race. Probably because the proximity of Arizona to California. Probably also because I’ve been there a few times. I may be missing out on the triathlon in November so this will be a nice way to still make it to the Grand Canyon State in the upcoming months. (After working out the numbers for it, it doesn’t make sense for me to go out to the triathlon unless I can comfortably race the Olympic distance…which I won’t be prepared for, unfortunately.)

I toyed with the idea of a few different charity teams…Team in Training and DetermiNation, specifically. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I still care very deeply for the mission of Dress for Success. Not to mention, havingbeen a volunteer for a number of years has made me rather well versed in its mission and value. It seems like the Seattle office needs quite some help in terms of exposure so I’m hoping this can help it along.

Therefore, in honor of Labor Day and all the women who are down and out of work, for all the women who need a helping hand, I’m launching my fundraiser to once again help out the most awesomely fantastic organization on the planet: Dress for Success! If you are gainfully employed and can spare a $5 or $50 or $500, please donate here so that we can help other people get the help they need to re-enter the workforce. 

• With a small gift of $10 you can ensure that a deserving woman receives the perfect suit for her first interview!

• A donation of $25 allows one women to benefit from 5 sessions in the Career Center where she will meet with a career counselor and receive tips on how to sharpen her interview skills and perfect her résumé.

• Your $50 gift enables a woman to participate in two of our financial literacy sessions where she will learn valuable skills such as balancing a check book, online banking, and how to apply for a mortgage!

• A donation of $150 will provide one woman with a year’s membership in the Professional Women’s Group, giving her access to monthly workshops and information on financial literacy, health and wellness, workplace issues and more!

With all the politics now surrounding unemployment, it is not up to the government to solve the unemployment crisis — it is up to us individuals, and organizations like Dress for Success and its partner agencies to create an employable and prepared workforce ready to assume new careers.

I can be the first person to attest to the fact that no one has ever really gone broke by donating to a good cause. So, if you can afford it, please donate! Thanks, and wish me luck: there’s only 142 days left…

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