Which Race Should I Enter in 2013: Goofy or RnRAZ?

I haven’t chosen my A-race yet and I need your help!

The Goofy’s Challenge consists of a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. So crazy and insane! It sounds like something I would be inclined to do.

Pros of Goofy’s Challenge:
-I haven’t done it yet
-It’s at Disney World, a place where I haven’t visited yet
-All of the bloggers that I’ve followed who has ran this race has loved it
-Good previous experience with Disney races in the past
-Puts me halfway to the Coast to Coast challenge
-It’s a three-medal weekend!
-Reasonable time limits for both races

Cons of Goofy’s Challenge:
-It’s halfway around the country
-I will probably have to take some time off of work (for recovery and play)
-It’ll be one expensive weekend. Worth it, but still expensive!
-I don’t know what to expect out of myself (in terms of performance)
-Different time zone…I’ll need to get used to it a few days beforehand

Then there’s another race…

Pros of RnRAZ:
-It’s in AZ (where it will be dry and cool)
-I’m very familiar with the Rock n Roll series
-I’ll get the Desert Double Down medal and Grand Slam medal (for 4 RnR races completed)
-I haven’t done it yet
-I’ve done two marathons before so I know what to expect
-It’s close by (well, a lot closer than Florida…)
-Reasonable time limit
-Same time zone! Won’t have to adjust my sleeping schedule.

Cons of RnRAZ:
-It’s not the Goofy challenge

Which race would you choose?

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